On August 18, 2016, ICC Law Group secured a significant procurement law decision in Teleguam Holdings v. Guam, Superior Court of Guam Civil Case No. 0334-13.  On behalf of its client, Teleguam (aka GTA), ICC Law Group challenged the Government of Guam’s government-wide procurement of telecommunications services on the grounds that the Government failed to maintain a complete procurement record as required by Guam law.  The deficient procurement record was unknown until a revelation by the Government’s procurement expert during a deposition.  The Honorable Judge Arthur Barcinas ruled that the entire telecommunications solicitation be cancelled, meaning that in a new procurement for telecommunications services, bidders such as GTA will be entitled to greater transparency on how the Government creates an invitation for bid, evaluates bids, and issues awards.

This decision will have far-reaching impacts throughout the government, as all government agencies are now forewarned that failure to follow the procurement code and document its procurement actions and decisions could jeopardize an award.  This is a true win for the island of Guam in obtaining transparency and value for taxpayer dollars.

ICC Law Group, headed by procurement litigators Vince Camacho, Elyze Iriarte, and Michael Gatewood, prosecuted this case on behalf of GTA.

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