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ICC Law Group has successfully defended DAL Global Services LLC (DGS) against a disability and gender discrimination claim without having to go to trial.

In Orio v. DAL Global Services, D. Guam Civil Case No. 14-00023, the plaintiff claimed that DGS discriminated against her because of her gender and national origin.  She also claimed disability harassment and retaliation.

The District Court of Guam ruled in DGS’ favor on summary judgment, which is a rare outcome in discrimination cases.  The District Court of Guam closely followed U.S. Supreme Court precedent in determining that DGS faced no liability because it was unaware of the allegedly discriminatory acts conducted by the plaintiff’s co-worker, and further, that DGS promptly corrected the harassing behavior.  The District Court also ruled that the Plaintiff could not prevail in proving that she experienced severe and pervasive harassment.  Finally, the District Court of Guam determined that DGS did not retaliate against the Plaintiff, who stopped showing up to work.

ICC Law Group’s Employment Group pursued this defense on behalf of DGS.  Please contact Vince Camacho ( for more information. Guam Attorneys.